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Types of Storage 

Need to store a car for a month or longer? Weil Wrecker is a great option for both short-term and long-term car storage! We provide secure vehicle storage. With indoor storage, outdoor storage, and even covered vehicle storage for cars, there’s something that will work for you. 


Secure storage with 24/7 onsite supervision and video monitoring.


Fully enclosed storage to protect accident vehicles from being exposed to the elements.


Semi-enclosed storage to reduce exposure to the elements.


Inside storage for motorcycles or smaller vehicles.

Long Term

Enclosed coverage for litigation storage or other prolonged storage requirements.


Individual storage bays for cases requiring storage in individual alarm protected units.

Large Vechicle

Short and long term storage for large or severely burned vehicles or equipment.


Short and long term storage and space leasing available for corporate needs.

Long term Car Storage

Car Storage Checklist

Use Old Tires.

Disconnect the Battery.

Change oil and filter

Top off fluids

Use a car cover