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How Do I Get My Car Out of Impound?


Requirements for obtaining a release varies by municipality.


      1. Proof of Ownership
      2. Proof of Insurance
      3. Driver’s License


    • An impounded vehicle release is required from the municipality that ordered the impound.
    • Weil Wrecker Service/ProTow representatives cannot release a vehicle or any property contained within the vehicle without the proper documentation, as listed above. In special circumstances, the municipality may grant a Property Release, to allow removal of items before the fines are paid.
    • Some municipalities will allow a Weil Wrecker/ProTow employee to accompany the owner to the vehicle to remove proof of ownership and insurance paperwork. The employee will only be able to remove the appropriate documentation. No other paperwork or items may be removed that does not aid in the release of the vehicle.

Vehicles must be driven or towed (at the owner’s expense) from the lot.  No vehicle may be repaired on Weil property.

Without proof of insurance, the vehicle must be towed from our lot.